Children’s Bedrooms

Children may be small, but as any parent knows they can occupy a considerable amount of space. With the ever-growing plies of toys, quickly outgrown clothing, and collections of kiddie crafts and finger paintings, families must be conscious of how they use their space lest their home begin to look like a daycare center. As children grow, so do their space needs. For example, siblings sharing a bedroom will need to get creative with their use of space as time goes by if they are to accommodate both their larger furniture and their need for privacy.

When it comes to designing a home that can adapt to a growing family, double-duty furniture is a must. Bunk beds are the obvious go-to for shared bedrooms, but even these can be bulky and space-consuming. For families living in a small, single or two-bedroom urban apartment (as the majority of New Yorkers do), a conventional bunk bed system might necessitate that kids forgo a homework desk or play area. Fortunately, new innovations in space-saving furniture have made it entirely possible to design a home that is not only functional and comfortable, but also attractive.

One potential solution is a wall bed bunk bed, like the Kali Duo. This modular bunk bed system by Italian wall bed manufacturer Clei stands at a slim 13.75’’ deep when closed, revealing more floor space for play when the beds are not in use. When opened, the Kali Duo features two twin-sized bunk beds with soft barriers and headrests, a separately storing ladder, and a soft opening mechanism for enhanced ease of use. Hidden overhead storage makes excellent use of vertical space, so you can skip the additional dresser to free up even more room.

The best part? The Kali Duo also offers options to include an integrated sofa or desk, allowing you to reap the most functionality from your kids’ rooms. An especially useful piece for space-constrained families, the Kali Duo Board features a writer’s desk that runs the entire length of the unit. When it’s time for bed, simply open the bunks as you normally do; the Kali Duo Board desk remains level with the floor as it pivots downward to set horizontally beneath the bed, so all of your desk items can remain neatly in place.

For kids lucky enough to claim a room all to themselves, the space-saving Kali systems are also available as twin wall beds — these are also available with integrated writing desks or upper shelving storage.

No matter how many bedrooms you have or how much square footage you’re living within, life with growing children doesn’t have to feel crowded. Consider how your family lives and design your home with furniture that’s designed to adapts to you rather than forcing you to adapt to it.