Trend Furniture Prediction 2019-2020

IFEX, the biggest furniture and craft exhibition this year will be coming soon. This international exhibition which is one of the barometers of furniture and craft design in Asia has become a prestigious venue for furniture and craft companies to show off their best designs.

Repeating the success of previous years, in 2018, IFEX carried the theme “The Essence of Infinite Innovation”, and cooperated with 500 companies that will showcase the best designs of furniture and craft products, such as rattan furntiure, outdoor furniture and home decor.

IFEX is an annual meeting place between companies engaged in furniture and craft with foreign buyers. No wonder all furniture and craft companies in Indonesia try to showcase their best designs to attract buyers.

It is common knowledge that the designs displayed on IFEX are designs that are prepared for the next one to two years. Therefore, knowing the predictions of furniture trends and the trend of furniture and interior design colors in 2019-2020 is generally very important. Accuracy in predicting designs and colors of course will affect the buyer’s judgment in choosing the design they want.

10 2020 Interior Design Trends That Will Affect Furniture Trend

furniture minimalis modern

Based on a survey conducted on 2,000 IFDA members throughout the US including those in Japan, the following trends are expected to boom in 2019-2020:

  1. In 2020, the world’s population, especially those living in urban areas such as in the US, will prefer to live in smaller homes with a more limited number of rooms.
  2. Formal living rooms will disappear from modern homes. The living room will no longer function as a living room. But it will be more functional, such as to chat with family, space to watch, even to have dinner together.
  3. The dining room will be a multipurpose room where family members move. To study, play and various other activities.
  4. The bedroom will be a more multifunctional space, it can also be an office space or other main activity.
  5. More narrow space requires smaller furniture as well. Furniture switches to multifunctional, modular, easy to move furniture designs with a small size tendency.
  6. Kitchen and dining room are increasingly favored with increasing interest in the world of cooking.
  7. Furniture and patio designs for the outdoor are made with the concept of minimal maintenance and of course still carry the functional concept.

Those are some things that need to be considered in terms of interior design, which of course will greatly affect furniture design. So, what kind of predictable furniture design will be the trend in 2019-2020?

Furniture Trend Prediction 2019-2020

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Furniture design continues to grow over time. Human lifestyle, home design and interior and exterior design greatly affect the design of furniture in the same timeframe. If in the past the concept of furniture looked mathematical, sofa + television meant talking furniture for the living room, and bed + 1 set of wardrobe means talking furniture for the bedroom, the concept of the future will change.

As stated above, the concept of space will change. The living room is no longer just a living room, the bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep. The concept of space becomes more tangible, not as rigid as before. This is in accordance with the results of predictions from WHO, that in the coming years most people prefer to live in denser cities.

This has an impact on the availability of land that is increasingly limited, so that the form of housing will be increasingly lean. So, what is the relationship between residential trends and trend furniture 2019-2020? The important point is that with a small occupancy, the tendency of people will reduce the amount of furniture in the house so that the house still feels spacious.

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In addition to the amount of furniture, the concept of a minimalist modern residence also affects the design of the furniture used. Multifunctional, modular and small-sized furniture designs will increasingly flutter. Multifunctional tables and stools will be the most sought after type of furniture.

Modular stools with many functions such as bedside tables, seating, small tables, dressing tables and various other functions. For tables, a creative multifunctional desk concept will attract interest. Multifunctional desk that can be used as a table to receive guests, study tables, office desks, and even as a storage room.

With a concept like this, it is very natural for tables and stools to become furniture choices that are taken into account in the years to come. For chairs, the type of seat that is not space-consuming, slim, and easy to slide will be an option.

A similar concept also applies in outdoor. Outdoor furniture is predicted to shift to a type of furniture that is more streamlined and multifunctional. In addition, outdoor furniture is also designed to lack maintenance. This is closely related to the character of urban living that is all dynamic and wants to be practical.

Furniture and Craft Color Trend Prediction 2019-2020

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In a research report on trends in 2020, Behance released several color trends that would affect the world of design, such as fashion design, automotive design, industrial design and product design, including furniture and home decorative. In line with the results of other studies, in 2020 many are influenced by the choice of urban living lifestyle.

The latest, experiential, ultramodern, customized, socialista, intelligent, sustainable, empowered, weally, handcrafted technologies are issues that inspire product design. So, what colors will appear in 2020? In the research report, some colors are predicted to be a trend. Among them, the color of black charcoal or charcoal color, natural wood, gray patina (oxidized wood), driftwood (effects like drifting wood).

So, what about solid colors? In the 2020s, the predicted solid color that developed was sharp and bright colors. If in the past years many were colored with pastel colors, precisely in the 2020s strong colors were predicted to dominate more.

Sharp colors like tile red, green, lemon yellow and blue will color various product designs around us. Of course white and gray will still be seen coloring the occupancy. In addition, metallic colors such as pearl, gold and cooper are still the choice to display the glamor.

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Those are the predicted colors that will become a trend in 2020. These colors will color the furniture and craft products that will be exhibited in the IFEX 2018 event, as has been seen in several world-class major furniture and craft exhibitions that have been going on before, like in Germany, UK and US.

So, there is no reason not to visit IFEX. You will get a lot of furniture and craft design inspiration, as well as materials and knowledge of the finishing process to produce furniture and craft designs that match the needs of the trend for the next 2 years. Furniture trend predictions from 201-2020 can be found at this event. See you at IFEX 2018, at JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta, March 9-12 2018. Don’t miss the golden opportunity to see furniture product finishing demonstrations using water-based finishing materials every day at the Bioindustries booth.